Cheap targeted traffic

Cheap targeted traffic

I have been thinking of how to accomplish getting a sale with the least cost or Cheap Targeted Traffic.

Cheap targeted traffic - The internet is free and selecting the right tools should help me get Cheap Targeted Traffic.

The tools I selected for my Cheap Target Traffic program are keywords, a free website, article marketing, article directories, affiliate program, a free blog, and links.

Finding the right keywords is easy when you have Google to tell you what keywords are being most searched each month. Knowing what people are searching for is also a clue as to what they may be buying. If we know what products people are buying it makes our job of selling that much easier. Getting a product is simple with the many affiliate programs out there offering millions of products for sale.

Joining an affiliate program and acquiring product to sell is easy and also free. Building a website gives us a place to display the products we have for sale and also gives us the opportunity to pre sell the product.

Of course, advertising or communicating the message of who we and what we have to offer for sale is now necessary. Again, this can be done with no cost if we decide to write articles and market the articles ourselves.

Our keywords provide the information we need to develop a title and copy for a Cheap Targeted Traffic article that will be picked up by Google and some of the other search engines. So, we are off to a good start.

Where do we place the articles?

We can still go on the cheap with a free website, a free blog, and some of the most popular directories for article placement.

Now that we have all these pieces of content hanging out there, the challenge is to connect them or link them together.

Links must be placed in the articles to link the directories to our website and the sales page of the affiliate program. Links must be place from our blog to our website and the sales page of the affiliate program. Links must also be placed from our website to the sales page of the affiliate program.


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